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Twitter for iPhone : Wonder what ’s dress code is? Check out his top picks from the collection!

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Twitter for iPhone : Russell Westbrook says not for you buddy. Sweet of him for giving it to the kid tho.

Twitter for iPhone : Kwanghee: “Hyung, please choose me. I’m your Singer hoobae. You just see Eunwoo as ur dongsaeng recently. It’s originally me. Me. Hwang Kwanghee. Why you like this to me? We (kH n EW) have similar computer handsomeness hyung”🤣🤣

Twitter for iPhone : When eunwoo was asked what channel he would recommend he said Astro hahahaha his giggles at the end 😭💕

Twitter for iPhone : they ask what is his phone background image and he said just the basic one he also said he have new phone because the camera lens of his old phone is broke also the face id is not working too.

TweetDeck : ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Thrives As A Successful Idol, Actor, And Entertainer—Here’s His Secret To Making It All Work…