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Twitter for iPhone : nothing like closing out the weekend at the vet ER. thankfully yuca’s paw is on the mend and the anesthesia is slowly wearing off. her disdain for this rooster bandaging, however, is sticking around 🐓

Twitter Web App : I'm really proud of this episode, and so grateful that I came across Mariana Lenharo's story last year that pulled me out of my own ignorance surrounding this virus. Zika is not gone, it's still out there, and the people impacted by it still need help. 15/x

Twitter Web App : We were also able to focus on why people from poorer communities were hit the hardest by Zika. How living in poverty makes your likelihood of getting a mosquito-borne illness so much more likely. 14/x

Twitter Web App : Finding not just scientists but *people* who care so much about other people is a beautiful thing, and I’m so grateful we’re able to share Camila’s experience in this episode. 13/x

Twitter Web App : You will hear Camila talk about these families she has come to know so well. When we spoke, there were moments when she was in tears. She had me tearing up too, both when we spoke and as I edited the episode together days later. 12/x

Twitter Web App : The grant they have to do this work is coming to a close. Now, Camila and her colleagues are tasked with again finding funding to continue this work, so that more families don't end up feeling left behind. 11/x

Twitter Web App : For the last 5 years, Camila and her colleagues at the Altino Ventura Foundation have been working alongside RTI International and the NIH to study the neurodevelopment of children with congenital Zika syndrome. They also work to support their caregivers. 10/x

Twitter Web App : Camila is a Brazilian ophthalmologist and researcher committed to eradicating healthcare disparities through her work on congenital Zika syndrome.

In 2015, she was one of the first doctors to witness the eye damage caused by Zika. 9/x

Twitter Web App : Although the stories of these families are nothing short of heartbreaking, not all families felt left behind. Some have had doctors and scientists in their corner from the very beginning, which brings me to Camila Ventura. 8/x…