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Sprout Social : Hope can mean something different to everyone. It doesn’t have to mean that you feel like everything is going to be amazing right away, but it’s about building belief in yourself that things can get better πŸ’š

Sprout Social : Helping someone who is grieving due to a death by suicide is complicated. But you don't need to have the exact right words. What's more important is being there for someone and showing that you care πŸ’š

Sprout Social : Seeing something about suicide online can be distressing, so it’s important that you can take steps to look after yourself.

Check out our top tips on how you can do that here:

Sprout Social : 'By learning small practices like these breathing techniques to help us manage stress and calm our breath, we’re arming ourselves with a toolkit to help us prioritise our wellbeing in the face of adversity.'

Sprout Social : We have all faced challenges over the past few years, and for many, our mental health has been affected.

Take time to be kind to yourself and to prioritise your wellbeing πŸ’š

Sprout Social : Getting outside can help to reduce feelings of stress and improve our mental and physical health.

Here are five ways you can use your garden to support your wellbeing 🌲🌻

Sprout Social : 'Talking about suicide can seem overwhelming, for the person who is suicidal and for anyone who may be concerned about them. But it’s so important to open up that conversation.'

Sprout Social : Staying safe online is important for everyone. Learn how you might support someone who may be struggling based on their online activity, and get familiar with how you can post and view media responsibly πŸ’š

Sprout Social : Achieving our goals is possible, but can seem like a daunting task. Various practices such as time management and giving ourselves rewards for our actions can be valuable for building and maintaining motivation πŸ’š

Sprout Social : The things we say about suicide online are important. Posting safely can even reduce the risk of suicidal feelings and behaviours in others and encourage people to seek help.

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Sprout Social : Quality sleep can help improve your mental health and overall mood. Learning about why we need sleep and its benefits can help us create better sleep hygiene routines 😴 πŸ’š

Sprout Social : πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to everyone who completed today πŸŽ‰

We're so grateful for your incredible support πŸ’š