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Christian wife, mother and grandmother. Love God, family and country. Trump fan. NO DMs! Don’t expect a follow if you are half naked or don’t have a Bio.


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Joe Biden is firing healthy military service members for not taking a vaccine that failed to prevent him, his wife, his Secretary of Defense, or the CEO of Pfizer from getting COVID after 4 doses.

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You can hate Trump all u want. But a line was crossed today & it CANNOT be uncrossed. If you are more consumed w/ hate for Trump than you are w/ love for this country and our Constitution, unfollow me. Our very Republic is in danger of falling to a militant government.

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So almost our entire ICU staff has Covid……the UNVACCINATED don’t have Covid and are working their asses off! This is the most unsatisfying and exhausting “I TOLD YOU SO” in the history of history.