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Twitter for iPhone : Good short thread. Liturgy in Orthodox churches shows that it is possible to have a highly reverent, transcendental liturgy in the vernacular. There’s nothing magical about Latin.

Twitter for iPhone : people with no true consciousness whose every belief is the result of extreme cope and desperation for virtue signal social brownie points can’t imagine someone being against the systematic sterilization and mutilation of children without being told to do it by someone else.

Twitter for iPhone : Bishops are encouraging a woke stance on race, gender, sexuality, marriage.

Cancelling faithful clergy and ordinands who affirm Christian values.

They’re dragging the Church of England into apostasy, preferring the new religion of Wokeness.

I am done.👋…

Twitter for iPhone : This ideology is the ultimate neoliberal weapon because it:

1) Separates children from the authority of their parents

2) Turns everyone into the ultimate consumer endlessly reliant on the state and pharmaceutical corporations

3) Grooms children for later abuse

Twitter Web App : Straight-up racism in faculty hiring. But it's woke, so it's virtuous under this left-illiberal regime.…

Twitter Web App : Fantastic monologue by Bill Maher, a liberal who stands up for authentic liberalism (and common sense!) against woke totalitarians re: LGBT issue. 'Not everything's about you,' he says to LGBT activists.…

Twitter Web App : So if Finland joins NATO, young Americans are on the hook to die protecting its 830 mile border with Russia, per article 5.

How about Finland sending some troops to defend OUR border?

Twitter Web App : Copium Christians are like Slovak Catholic bishops of the 1940s who told Father Kolakovic to stop working to prepare Catholics for coming persecution, because It Can't Happen Here™. Because Fr. K. didn't listen, the underground church later thrived.…

Twitter Web App : You think what's happened to high-profile academics Joshua Katz and David Sabatini -- destroyed personally and professionally by the Woke -- can't happen to you? Think again -- and…

Twitter for iPhone : A groomer is someone who builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and/or abuse them. This can be sexual, political or through idealistic indoctrination.

Twitter Web App : O Fortuna, I can hardly describe my delight at this quote I posted, without quotation marks, from Ignatius Reilly, in 'A Confederacy of Dunces'. The mongoloids thought I really meant it. The ratio that followed is cracktastic, Gloria.