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Twitter Web App : I'm convinced that the more a corporation crows about capital-D Diversity, the shittier their internal culture is, and they're using D&I as an excuse to point to whenever someone points out how shitty things are.

Twitter Web App : 'Put simply, if the new bill is enacted, more citizens will be able to register to vote, vote in person and by mail and have their votes counted. And, those of us fighting suppression laws in court will have the tools necessary to achieve victories.'

Twitter Web App : Yesterday I was struggling with an infinite loop when rendering a page. The good news is that today I'm not dealing with said loop, the bad news is it's because the page doesn't load at all.

Tweetbot for Mac : found this guy in the january 1997 issue of black belt magazine. this was one of the worst things about living in the 1990s. there were millions of people who dressed like this but they all knew karate so everyone was too afraid to tell them they looked like shit

Twitter Web App : TIL that 'colocation of teammates' is one of the factors specifically called out by Google's Project Aristotle as 'not significantly connected with team effectiveness at Google'. Not sure how I missed that before. rework.withgoogle.com/print/guides/5…

Twitter Web App : new job is dropping sweet qualitative data en masse. REAL feedback from ALL eng staff on training based on post-incident work I did at Microsoft in 2017 & Nick Stenning nailed AND scaled while I was away 2019-2021. THANK YOU NICK & TEAM!
So A 🧡about valid feedback....

Twitter Web App : Happy Friday β€” I am hiring at honeycomb again! This time I am looking for a senior product manager to take the role vacated by someone who was just promoted. You can read all about it here: 1/

Twitter Web App : Note to self: Don't move to Troutdale, apparently the traffic is so bad you'll be in it for 3 days straight, at least according to FedEx.