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Bio Fund Manager & Financial Researcher. Headed TSY & EM at Citi, Merrill, etc. Launched B/D & Hedge Funds. Aeronautical engineer w/grad. degrees @ Tepper & Kellogg
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TweetDeck : Un socialista es aquel que en competencia nunca llega al podio. No consigue medallas. Por eso odia el mérito y la competencia. El resentimiento es su combustible. Son liberticidas

Twitter Web App : Right! How was Klaus Schwab able to publish The Great Reset on 7/2020, right after the pandemic began, or how was it possible to get the presidents of the largest economies who attend Davos, to repeat his book's key slogan. Are these the nations behind this 'controlled epidemic'?

Twitter for Android : Guys I have an idea. Let's build a proof of stake cryptocurrency where we give ourselves the majority of the coins split across diff addresses (and thus unimpeachable control authority).

Then we'll say it's the next but call it better b/c it uses less energy.

Twitter Web App : Well, isn't that why we have a security posing as a cryptocurrency since 2015 and selling for 4000X its 'IPO' value for its 'innovative' owners: GSIBs, Peter Deepstate Thiel, Blythe Masters, Lubin and the rest of the crew?
People forget stuff...

Twitter for Android : Naval Ravikant BotNaval 'as homo sapiens approaches a population of 8 billion, only societies that allow private individuals to independently access, store, and transfer their private economic-value contribution, will substantially increase their citizens' living standards linkedin.com/pulse/bitcoin-…