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SocialFlow : Did you know there are libraries that will loan you skateboards, board games, telescopes, craft supplies, and more for free? Wirecutter has a list of locations across the country where you can borrow more than just books.

SocialFlow : In Romania, “rewilding” is aiding the reintroduction of key animal species, including bison, which visitors can track in the country’s forests and meadows.

SocialFlow : During the hours you spend in bed every night, your sheets collect skin flakes, an assortment of bodily fluids and oils, dust, dust mites, and (if you have a cat or dog) pet hair. The experts Wirecutter have tips for getting rid of all that gunk.

SocialFlow : “The title of ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ pledges that change has arrived at the Grantham family’s mansion,” our reviewer writes. But this sequel “still rests most of its extravagant weight on cozy familiarity.”

SocialFlow : His girlfriend wants an open relationship. Does he?

In this week's Social Q's, a reader is trying to figure out whether he’s willing to abandon exclusivity.

SocialFlow : A burner browser can keep sensitive searches out of your history and detached from your online accounts. The security experts Wirecutter can help you set this tool up in a few easy steps.

SocialFlow : For decades, a Roman statue at a Minneapolis museum was thought to have been rescued from the seas off Italy. Now, Italian authorities are ordering the statue's return, asserting it was illegally excavated from a site near Pompeii in the 1970s.

SocialFlow : If it's been a while since you were last in Los Angeles, there's a slew of just-opened restaurants, bars and exhibitions waiting for you. Here's what's new and noteworthy.

Twitter Web App : After a long election night, a 🧵 on results. Albo’s win and challenges ahead echo Biden’s as I wrote but I keep thinking about one line in my story: “Australians tend to see their government as a service provider more than a battleground for ideology” 1/…

SocialFlow : Kenneth Welsh, a prolific actor best known for his portrayal of the murderous, unhinged villain Windom Earle on the hit early-1990s TV series “Twin Peaks,” has died at 80. He featured in some of the show's darker, more sadistic scenes and story lines.

SocialFlow : Mullets refuse to be any one thing, sitting at the midpoint between long and short, masculine and feminine and tasteful and tacky. But if an inability to categorize causes discomfort in some, this sort of in-betweenness is just what some are looking for.

SocialFlow : On “Harry’s House,” his third solo album, Harry Styles often sings from a perspective that is a combination of a prematurely wise elder, a personal cheerleader and a pro bono therapist.

Read our review:

SocialFlow : The men’s tennis tour stripped Wimbledon of ranking points this year in response to its ban on Russian and Belarusian players. The move effectively makes the oldest of the four Grand Slam tournaments an exhibition event for the men.

SocialFlow : The $40 billion package of new aid for Ukraine, signed by President Biden on Saturday, is nearly evenly divided between military and humanitarian aid. Here's what's in it.

SocialFlow : Karine Jean-Pierre, the new White House press secretary, was raised in an immigrant family with 'so many secrets.' Now she occupies one of the most scrutinized jobs in American politics.

SocialFlow : Baz Luhrmann dreams big. He did not want to make a mere biopic of Elvis, but a wildly ambitious movie about race and sex and class and music in America through three decades. And he's bracing for an intense reaction.