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Bio Anti-corruption campaigner. Recovered £200m for victims of HSBC fraud, but living on breadline. Called Mr Ethical by bent lawyer boss. @corruptionukorg @ketsudo
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Twitter Web App : Banks' new compensation scheme was supposed to put right past wrongs and provide a new route to redress for tens of thousands of businesses. A couple of years and tens of millions of pounds in set up costs later, how many payouts has it managed? Six.…

Twitter for Android : I think the best summary of why my frustration boiled over yesterday is the Ofgem quote pictured from Andrew Ellson's piece in The Times today.

If a catastrophic cost of living crisis that risks lives isn't the time for the regulator to prioritise lowering prices, when is?

Twitter Web App : Bank redress scheme ‘is completely defective’…

A spokeswoman for UK Finance said: “BBRS provides an independent dispute resolution service

As always the only thing independent is the truth from the banks

James Hurley

Twitter Web App : Hopefully. But in my experience lenders simply ignore modified affordability rules. I still can't afford a mortgage 50% cheaper than my current one.

Twitter for iPad : Mr Ethical Truth-tellers don’t comply with the preferred narratives of manipulative organisations and those loyal to them..
Truth-tellers cannot be gaslit..
You were challenging wealthy entrenched power.. that’s a hell of a battle.

Twitter for iPhone : Disgusting. 🤢

This Victorian-era govt has rejected a recommendation by MPs that water companies should be required to measure raw sewage levels in rivers.

That means the volume of raw sewage being dumped into rivers will remain, deliberately, a secret.…

Twitter Web App : TBF, in my case it probably is true that it's my fault I'm poor. I recommend not blowing the whistle. You will never work again, either more hours or more pay or at all.

Twitter Web App : Andrew Bailey should now know how victims of the countless financial scandals he did little or nothing to address as FCA CEO—including RBS/NatWest global restructuring group—feel.…