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Twitter for iPhone : Putin: 'As far as expansion goes, including new members Finland and Sweden, Russia has no problems with these states - none. And so in this sense there is no immediate threat to Russia from an expansion to include these countries.”

Getting tired? reuters.com/world/europe/u…

Twitter for iPhone : The Swedish Government has decided that Sweden will apply for membership in NATO, according to Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. However, the Parliament has not voted after todays debate. 6 of Riksdagens 8 political parties support an application to NATO svt.se

Twitter for iPhone : “NATO expects Turkey not to hold up Finland, Sweden membership”

It would be completely unacceptable if Erdogan blocked Swedish/Finnish membership. It would essentially make him Putin’s man in Brussels. reuters.com/world/europe/n…

Twitter for iPhone : After parliament report concludes Swedish NATO membership would raise threshold for military conflicts and have deterrent effect in northern Europe, daily Expressen says Swedish government next week plans to formally submit request for membership. reuters.com/world/europe/s…

Twitter for iPhone : It’s wild that nearly 50 years after the oil crisis in the 1970s and the failure of nuclear power to deliver electricity “too cheap to meter,” according to this map, many of the sunniest countries in world still have very low solar/wind production.

Twitter for iPhone : Chief of Naval Operations Adm Gilday told Congress that a new nuclear cruise missile would be a burden and distraction for the fleet. defensenews.com/naval/2022/05/…

Good to see there’s at least one clear-headed official left who hasn’t drunk STRATCOM’s nuclear kool-aid.

Twitter for iPhone : Senate Intel Committee sent letter to Intel Community questioning its exaggerated assessment of Russian military strength prior to Ukraine war.

NATO, your turn.

But don’t expect it to effect size of defense budgets or plan to increase military forces in Eastern Europe.

Twitter for iPhone : Sounds like Erdogan is planning a ~constructive NATO relationship with Finland/Sweden by calling them “guesthouses for terrorist organizations.” reuters.com/world/erdogan-…