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Bio Founder and CEO @jeli_io. MSc student @lunduniversity. Ex-@slackhq @netflix @jet. Co-wrote O’Reilly Chaos Eng x2. Created @LFISoftware. Angel Investor. She/her.
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Twitter Web App : want to work on the next generation of production tooling with a fun, diverse team and an insatiable appetite for candy puns? 🍭🍬🍫

WELL then. 💁

Twitter for iPhone : We're hiring a senior frontend and backend engineer! This is one of the most effective and humane teams I've ever worked and learned with, check it out!

Twitter for iPhone : Super pumped to get our careers page launched today. We’re hiring. Come work with us - it’s a fantastic bunch of humans that are hardworking, nerdy 🤓 and a ton of fun.

Twitter for iPhone : Colorado friend: “wow, sorry it’s so humid here.”
Me: *laughs*
Them: *stares*
Me: “oh you’re serious.”
Me: “no no no, this isn’t humidity. Humidity is when you’re wearing the weather. Let’s go to the east coast”

Twitter Web App : 'The organization quickly benefitted from this new process. For one thing, some incidents were resolved faster: Bringing their expertise and diverse incident experience, on-call support engineers were able to help first responders identify and resolve problems more efficiently'

Buffer : This week I’m joined by John Allspaw John Allspaw, Founder/Principal at Adaptive Capacity Labs. John’s an author of multiple books, a foundational figure in the DevOps movement, and now here to tell us what he has been up to!

Have a listen:

Twitter for iPhone : I’m def not “metrics girl” but, FTR I believe that in order to have useful cross incident insights you need quality insights and learnings from your individual incidents. Once we see each incident as a rich opportunity to understand our work we can start making org-wide progress.