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Bio Founder and CEO @jeli_io. MSc student @lunduniversity. [email protected] @netflix @jet. Co-wrote O’Reilly Chaos Eng x2. Created @LFISoftware. Angel Investor. She/her.
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Twitter Web App :

Incident analysis tool. Helps you improve your company's response process by figuring out what could have gone better during the action. I've never seen anyone build for this part.

Not strictly security, but an obvious security win.

Twitter for iPhone : My whole family is on the east coast, and by the time I wake up every morning in the west, they’ve all solved the daily Wordle in our group chat. I can’t handle this pressure

Twitter Web App : I need to gush for a second because they are crushing it -- so impressed by the eng team , they're collaborative, challenge themselves, work hard to understand our users, and I'm lucky to get to collaborate with them. We have some exciting stuff coming out soon 👀🤓

Twitter for iPhone : Every intro ever:

Them: “what’s your name”
Me: “Nora”
Them: “Laura?”
Me: “Nora, with an N”
Them: “oh like Nora Jones”
Friend who knows me: “that’s her actual name 😆”
Them: “no way”
Me: “way”
Them: “do you sing”
Me: “not well”
Them: “you’re like Michael Bolton from office space”

Twitter Web App : In 2022, Howie decided to be a new version of himself. A printable version. ✨ Meet Mr PDF:…