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The bill would restrict a controversial practice that’s currently being used against Young Thug and Gunna in Atlanta.

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Herschel Walker is a self-proclaimed extreme and violent man who threatened to multiple people. And he’s running for US Senate.

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From insulin, to reproductive rights, the GOP want Americans to either live by their will, or die by their cruelty.

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Insulin costs a few dollars to manufacture. Nothing short of a national humiliation that our government lets pharma price gouge huge numbers of people into debt for a medicine they need to live

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I just wanna shoutout because WHAT!? They erased Hunter Moore's SSN, declared him legally dead, and hacked his bank account and transferred money to women's shelters! GENIUS. That might have been my fave part

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Fav part of though:

Netflix End Credits:

“Hunter Moore initially agreed to take part in this series but later declined our invitation”

“We decided to use his image anyway”

😂😂 Netflix had a petty moment. I love it.

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instagram started forcing us to watch reels we didn’t ask for from people we don’t follow and then has the nerve to say “we’re prioritizing reels because that’s what people are watching!” mf YOU FORCE US TO

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I’m seeing a disturbing new trend of concertgoers blatantly disrespecting performers on stage. Please realize it’s not the easiest being that vulernable in front of thousands of people, only to have a bunch shit thrown at you in return. You wouldn’t want that happening to you…

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You cannot sell or manufacture illegal weapons of war in CA.

And if you do, there are now 40 million people that can collect $10,000 from you for engaging in that illegal activity.

We’re using Texas’ perverse abortion law to ACTUALLY save lives.…

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Do artists really wanna only see extremely wealthy people in their front rows or are they willing to stand up to Ticketmaster/Live Nation? Or at least lobby Congress publicly to do so? I mean come on, you have more leverage than you think.

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Ticketmaster needs to put a cap on resale ticket prices, that’s such an obvious solution to scalpers. It won’t happen, but it might if Congress gets involved.

Last Week Tonight Pt. 2 episode on Ticketmaster pls