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No. Sorry. They are not “collateral damage” they are human beings who happen to have been born there and live there and most of those human beings are stuck there. Have some compassion, they are Palestinians not buildings or roads or things, they are human beings and so are the…

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The Iraqi guy i follow on IG who does funny nature videos in broken English just posted a more compassionate and well written statement then like 90% of activists and journalists I’ve seen.

The Iraqi guy i follow on IG who does funny nature videos in broken English just posted a more compassionate and well written statement then like 90% of activists and journalists I’ve seen.
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When I was a little boy, the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise attack, and thousands of U.S. servicemembers perished. As a nation, we were stunned. And we vowed to strike back. Revenge was understandably on everyone’s mind, including many Americans of…

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Social media’s entitlement to outrage is what gets me.

Considering ourselves judge, jury & executioner (to someone who didn’t even act in malice!) is actively dangerous.

Hannah doesn’t “deserve” hate, harassment & vitriol. That we think it’s our right is concerning

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Teen Vogue when I was a teen:

- Bulimia: is it really that bad? (+TIPS!)
- 30 pages of acne ads

Teen Vogue today:

- Transcontinental Pipelines and their Vulnerabilities
- Why You Should Never Date a Cop
- 30 pages of acne product ads, that hasn't changed

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A24 has already got a reputation for making cutting edge inclusive films. Now with no strike delays, their projects will be coming out when the big Hollywood studios are trying to catch up. Being one of the few players releasing quality during a content desert.
They (and the…

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A friend of mine got a show picked up by Netflix. There was no money in his budget for a writing staff. “I don’t want to write every script myself,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of tv. Other voices make the show better.”

“Oh yeah, totally,” said Netflix. “Here’s what you’ll do: 🧵

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Universal has ripped up sidewalks and destroyed trees just to make sure there is no safe path and no shade for striking workers.

This is a clear fight between good and evil.

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so i turned down a first offer i got at disney as a production coord & told the EP that the offer was below poverty level. she said, 'look i know. but the project will be really cool.'

no one is asking for $31 million here - they're just trying to survive!

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When the book is written about how the studios broke a proud 100 year old business by chasing a new Wall Street fantasy, a very early early chapter will be about how they got us to all start calling movies and TV shows 'content.'

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i feel like american girls are so impressed by matty healy because they don't know he's a very common archetype of british man. when i was 17 i knew like six floppy haired faux-self-deprecating wannabe oasis boys. it's just the british version of the bushwick no-bed-frame boys