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Dead center-mass w/a McChicken : antifa wave pool lifeguard | @ShutdownFullcas porchcat | @Channel6_feed word herder | business solutions for a digital age |

Louisville, KY : Clevelander. Bearcat. I make words and food on a newsletter. You may have seen me at @SBNation, or @Decider. 👇👇👇Subscribe to the newsletter.

San Diego, CA : I really mean it // Registered dietitian / writer for myself and others @pitchfork @uproxx @stereogum @ringer / co-host of Indiecast

Washington D.C. : Dad of two, husband to one, Philadelphia Eagles fan

portland : guitar in @camp_trash. bass in @floating_room. editor @getAlternative. he/him. a buffalo bill dan till the day i die.

F***in' Yeehaw Valhalla : 🎮⚽️ | Former: @SBNation @Futhead

Philadelphia : yr new aesthetic / I Keep a Diary newsletter / editor + ON SHUFFLE @GetAlternative / reviews @Slant_Magazine / jordantwalsh @ gmail

Florida, USA : 🇻🇪 Photographer, Camera Operator, 1st AC. - they/them ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

NW Indiana : OH YEAH! I FORGOT! You weren't even ON Simpsons! mainly a wrestling account again but i do like other things. movies / sports / etc.

fanfyte is the @fanbytemedia wrestling section, and it's very strong and also tough

Chicago : Freelance writer // bylines @NoiseyMusic, @TheAVClub, @nprmusic, @thetakeout, @bandcamp, @POST_TRASH_, etc.

The Netherlands : European based label releasing music ranging from vaporwave to dreampunk on Cassette, Vinyl, CD, MD and Digital Platforms. 🌴💿

white cishet male, 34 years old, non-verbal learning disorder haver, librarian, nu metal enthusiast, husband to @bblloooodd, marxist leninist maoist

Indianapolis : @chorusfm (fka Senior Editor / newsletter: Bad Zine, Everyone's Fault / bad takes on music & wrestling / #FearTheDeer

atlanta : basically just an #ATLUTD and @pathfoundation fan account