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Twitter for Android : My kettle broke after ten years’ great service. The on-off button is dangling so I decided not to risk electrocuting my children. Question is, how do I avoid this going into landfill where it will sit for longer than the bones of Richard III?

Twitter for iPad : Comparisons have been made with the 1970s with shortages at the pumps & long queues. There was a Government appeal for the voluntary avoidance of driving at weekends & a voluntary reduction in maximum speeds to 50mph. The slogan was “be thrifty at fifty”. Good advice.

Twitter for iPhone : So, I’ve written a book.
It’s about ..

Twitter for iPhone : Wow ... pretty much sums up America's gun problem

Twitter for iPhone : When this pandemic started to take hold, I knew it would be brutal. But I never imagined that the virus would find itself so many human allies - people who would reject science and argue for a medieval approach, rejecting masks, vaccines, even ventilation - as the devil’s work.

Twitter for iPhone : the final scene where jodie comer delivers this powerful fuck u to the government is so incredible god this film so important

Twitter Web App : A while ago I thought Line of Duty's Ted Hastings would be perfect for snooker commentary. Well here he is over a John Higgins shot and I think I was right.

Twitter for iPhone : Hope all the antivaccers & “I don’t need to wear a face maskers” are watching on BBC1

Twitter for Android : Weird one today — anti-vaxxer John comes on @bbcradio2, spouts rubbish about “death by vaccine”, accuses scientists of lying to hide the truth.

Only one problem — he lied to our researcher to get on air.

When asked if he is a epidemiologist, he says 'No but I read a lot.' 🤔