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Our hearts go out to all those affected by the tech layoffs.

Know someone that recently lost their job?

Well, they probably have the skills needed to work in climate! 🌎

— and there are THOUSANDS of climate jobs on Climatebase | climate jobs, community, & education

Here are the most in-demand jobs in climate...👇

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【VR Art】I paint 6 legendary figures of Dragon Boat festival in VR in 28 days. Including“屈原QuYuan”、“伍子胥WuZiXu”、“勾践GouJian”、“秋瑾QiuJin”、“白素贞BaiSuZhen”and“许仙XuXian”. art artist

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I was today years old when I learned what bujo meant. 😂 It was on the journaling subreddit if that gives you any kind of hint.

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the next time I read some dude flipping out on the internet bc ppl call themselves gamers for playing stardew valley or only playing their switch, I’m just going to laugh and tell him I own consoles older than he is.

I’m a gamer. Idc what he says.

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Whenever I’m in the middle of trying to teach my children something that’s frustrating for them, I look up and realize the lessons I’m also being taught.

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Of course Lubby Navarro voted against the book; according to the story, it's science-based, rigorous, and it covers not just sex-ed, but also gender —as it should.

I'll do what I can —that might include running— to get that woman kicked out. She's has no place in a school board.

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p.s. logged in to catch up on the news and felt this was timely.

Keywords to pay attention to: local, growing national movement, voter intimidation…