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Legal clinics and advocates to end GBV are ready to meet with members of this government to help them understand why how sexual assault centres and legal aid programs help Ontarians access the criminal and civil justice system - something they should be entitled to when needed.

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As mentioned by the speakers, the community is here to help and are available to work with the government to make sure that Ontarians have the services in place to support them when they need it.

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4. Increase funding by a minimum of 30% to Ontario’s sexual assault & rape crisis centres – make it stable

5. Incorporate Intersectional Gender-Based Analysis to all legislation INCLUDING THE BUDGET before it’s passed

6. Create a Provincial Roundtable on Gender-Based Violence

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Gender-based violence is on the rise - in 2021 we saw the highest number of police reported sexual assaults since 1996.

LEAF’s Pam Hrick joins MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam 黃慧文 (they/them) to call for urgent action in Ontario to support survivors and end GBV. Tune in now 👇

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Opposition health critic Gelinas says Premier Ford has been “oblivious” to “long building” understaffing crisis

Premier says he is “doing everything” to boost staff levels but only names a single initiative…

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Over a week ago I was calling on Minister Jones to take URGENT action to address the healthcare crisis.

Premier Ford's attempt to downplay & throw together a 'solution' won't cut it.

We need to not only hire more nurses but retain the ones we have!