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Twitter for iPad : The official Dart image for Docker now supports Arm (v7 & 64) 😀

I'm pleased to have played a small part in making this happen, and it was great to see collaboration across the whole community

Thanks to Tony Pujals for getting the ball rolling and Alexander Thomas for finishing

Twitter for Android : Townscaper is now available on mobile! Go get it!

iOS :…
Android :…

Twitter Web App : Given the passing of General Powell who was fully vaccinated

A lot of misinformation spreading about breakthrough infections

So let's talk about breakthroughs

What are they about?

When are they a big deal?

Let's put on our public health and clinician hats on this


Twitter Web App : Okay Flutter and Dart Language devs. Imagine with me. We give you an 'I'm stuck' button in your favorite development tool. When you click it, what happens?

LinkedIn : I’M HIRING a Head of 3P Developer Strategy & Operations - Love to integrate people, data and technology to do the (nearly) impossible within large tech organizations? Send me a DM if this sounds like your wheelhouse and track record.

Twitter Web App : There are lots of cool things about working at Google. One of my favorite: I can just search the entire codebase for a string. A Google site has an outdated URL? Search the codebase, submit a CL (Google's PR), BAM – fixed.

Twitter Web App : My favorite lint not in pkg:lints/recommended.yaml -…

Twitter for Android : My 10-year-old if anyone in the house is asleep:

Twitter Media Studio : This Indigenous People’s Day I am proud to celebrate the rich traditions and resilience of Indigenous Communities. As US Department of the Interior works to honor our nation-to-nation promises, it is more important than ever to recognize Indigenous Peoples as the first stewards of this land.

Agorapulse app : Columbus made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, but he never set foot in mainland North America (what would become the United States).