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In person meeting between Pakistani PM Imran Khan Niazi and Russian president Vladimir Putin : 9 minutes

Telephonic conversation between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin : 26 minute 40 second.

औकात आपनी आपनी 😎

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Happened when India had 50,000 cases

Negative reports were mandatory

Called Super spreader by Opposition


Happening when India has 2.2Lakh cases

No such protocol is followed

Supported & encouraged by opposition


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Fake farmers have decided to hold protest on May 26

These opposition parties have supported it

Congress, JD(S), NCP, TMC, Shiv Sena, DMK, JMM, J&K National Conference, SP, Rashtriya Janata Dal, CPI, CPI(M)

If Covid increases again, then question these parties & not PM Modi

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Batla house mein encounter ke baad rone wali ki ghulami karne wale Modi ji ko crocodile bol rahe. Wah bete 🤣😂

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Supriya Bhardwaj Rahul Gandhi Wish these memorials are converted in to housing for poorest of the poor, hospitals for poor instead of glorifying politicians like god!

@Supriya23bh @RahulGandhi Wish these memorials are converted in to housing for poorest of the poor, hospitals for poor instead of glorifying politicians like god!
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A story the mainstream media has killed- 11.5 lakh vaccines were wasted in RJ.

Note it is equally about the stockpile as it is about the capacity to administer.

Don't believe those who say we can get billions of doses (they don't exist) and finish it off in a week (we can't).

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In a population of 33 crore, 6 lakh US citizens have died of Covid while in India 3 lakh died in a population of 133 crore .....

Indian health system fought an unimaginative fight yet WEST preaches path because we are always Reactionary and not Proactive ....

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India exported 6.64 cr doses of vaccines to 95 nations when situation was better.
Belated outrage!

In return India got:
400 MT Oxygen.
69 O2 plants.
100 O2 tankers.
50,000 O2 Concentrators.
20,000 O2 cylinders.
10,000 ventilators.
Vaccine & Pharma supplies.

Anyone highlighting?

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Busting the FAKE NARRATIVE that Govt was caught unawares - FACT IS PM Narendra Modi had in March 2021 ALERTED all CMs about an expected second wave during a COVID-19 review meeting & had also asked them to take quick steps to tackle the second wave