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Carjacking trend happening in Westlands, Spring Valley, Brookside, General Mathenge… Motorbike will to stop in-front of your car pretending to have issues with the bike whilst a car behind you will have its occupants step out and point a gun at you to unlock your doors.

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I'm sorry to say but people who start their sentences with 'I'm sorry to say...' are never really sorry for what they're about to say.

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Some bad decisions I have made in life:

1.) Drinking too much coffee then not being able to sleep.
2.) Starting this list and not being able to think of anything to put here but obligated to carry on nevertheless.

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If you're dieting, try this.
Dilute a litre of full fat milk with a litre of water for 2 litres of skimmed milk. Spend the money saved on a nice cake for yourself.