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Twitter Web App : Carbon dioxide shortages mask a major animal cruelty scandal – the use of CO2 as a slaughter method
Pigs are lowered into gas chambers, gasp for breath, hyperventilate & burn from the inside out
Videos are too graphic to show
Pls RT Help Compassion in World Farming stop this

Twitter for iPhone : Today I have a Moonbear on my drawing board but not any old Moonbear but a rescued bear by the amazing Animals Asia in Vietnam. I’m selling this stoic guy with 40% donated to Animals Asia. If interested please DM me. Thanks as always for looking by πŸ™πŸ»

Twitter for Android : Love of mother🐳🐬

Twitter for Android : 'The privatisation of our utilities, which are natural monopolies, has been a failure...

So, Labour will bring rail, mail, water and the energy grid into public ownership. Public ownership run by and for the public, not for profit.'
Jeremy Corbyn. (2019)

Twitter for iPhone : Spot on and I hope party decides against taking this to conference. We should be focusing on providing answers to the issues affecting our communities, not diluting the democratic rights of Labour and trade union members.

Twitter for iPad : I can’t imagine the fear, panic and despair of those on Universal Credit, the impact of inflation, gas prices, a rise in National Insurance and the end of the furlough scheme amongst other pressures.

The poor seem so accepting, silent victims of a ruthless Tory government.