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Twitter for Android : “If someone said, ‘I personally actively participated in the meeting,’ that was a stronger predictor of satisfaction and effectiveness than anything else we collected.”
Recommended reading for everyone moving to hybrid. Thanks Judy Rees for the insights!

Hootsuite Inc. : More often than not our messages are not being understood the way we want them to. See how Judy Rees uses clean language to break these barriers for smooth, straightforward communication. management30.com/blog/why-the-w…

Twitter Web App : Apparently, preliminary research shows that post-covid, people find (some participants in the room, some remote) highly effective. My pre-covid experience was that they were almost universally horrible. What possible explanations could there be for these findings?

Twitter Web App : One of our favorite tools is finding people right.

This skill helps you listen more closely and builds trust, because you demonstrate your belief that there’s value in the other person’s perspective.

It is a powerful way to demonstrate respect and collaboration.

Publer.io : Challenged to create a one-minute video with help for headaches, I've been animating. Here are 3 high-value questions you should ask instead of 'How do we get everyone back to the office?'