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Metaverse : NFT Investor. ΞTH Stacker. Having some fun. 🍌🥃🙏🦍. Ape# 8023 / Punk#8359/ CryptoCities Tycoon. Rome/Vatican City/ Hangzhou. Rarest of the Rare Apes

Metaverse : https://t.co/UE8TbsBKMD A Revolutionary NFT Inspired By The Greatest Generation in Rock and Roll History. Discord: https://t.co/hUjEWn6tha

The Metaverse : @gluefactoryshow community manager! My objective is to make you laugh. There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path. BAYC #7123 + #8960

Connecticut, USA : Ravishanker.ETH. Proud #Harvard #HBS #BCG alum. 2x #Jeopardy champion. More excited about NFTs than I am about my day job. Many Gutter Cats, Alien Boys and such

girldad.eth : My girls come first | @etchedNFT investor & community GM | girldadAPE founder | @DFSArmy code: girldad | @realestapes partner | @nbatopshot VIP

Farmer extraordinaire. Turbo degen. Tastemaker for the Apesthetics squad @wearapesthetics. OS: https://t.co/Xyodb3EW1Y NG: https://t.co/M0qNTvCFur

NFT Collector, #BAYC Addict, Sports Punter / Ape# 3374 🦍#VictoriaConcordiaCrescit

SpoiledBananaSociety : NFT ALBUM OUT NOW: https://t.co/MujxJ1m0LC LIVE at @Decentraland: https://t.co/q9Yw7SxBmZ Collabed w/: @Jaden 🎧💻

Washington, DC : Crypto + NFTs. BAYC #9720 & #8024 + matching Doggos. GCG #914 + matching Rat. Check out my RareRooms on Yat 🥂

Toronto, ON : The Valet @BoredApeYC /Ape 1798/Creating the world’s first community-generative NFT book. Learn more at https://t.co/tg8BfryKp8 - a @tallylabsnft project

@BoredApeYC #4270/4078/6098 #BAYC4Life @Punkscomic @Ghxsts @LazyLionsNFT @GutterCatGang ~ Discord/Ts Name- ShrewdCharlie ~ https://t.co/KMvjJEtk8q 🦁

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Founder of https://t.co/lAUDoqTNeE / Co-Founder of https://t.co/5DFpP5AIaw / Owner of BAYC Apes + More!

Canada : No monkey biz. 🐒🍌 Is it satire? I dunno... meh. #apefluencer 🥱 Holder of #FameLadySquad contract 👀👉 @fame_ladies 🔥 #BAYC No. 2355 #BoredApeYachtClub #NFTs

Fvckrenderverse : Founder of @blankcanvasnft | Community Director @etchednft

Underwater trying to breathe. : certified watch dealer and crypto enthusiast.

Because changing behavior ... is changing you ... and therefore changing the world 🌍 Forward for a decentralise world on the Moon 🚀 (or on Mars with Elon 🤣)

Houston, TX : The Design Mag NFT Art. Harmonic: https://t.co/582Yg7POCe… Morsel: https://t.co/5LF89gtoPu GetArt: https://t.co/vFNsRNFkNq…

The Underworld : ☾ Beauty Found in Darkness, Death & Decay ☾ 1/1 Crypto Artist https://t.co/uTEKWaBm4w Chernobyl 1/1 https://t.co/6R22T4TyqF

Orlando, FL : #swingtrading #altcoins | #blockchain #consulting | #cryptocurrency & #NFT #trading | #investing #startups #NFT #cardamoji #drunkenpandas #nftheroes

Islamic Republic of Iran : Iranian artist , Participated in 50 painting exhibitions in and outside the country. 🐺🪴🏝 #nftcreator on @opensea , @hen2000

earth : NFT artist. Creating unique, handcrafted, and GLOBAL collections since like, 5 minutes ago or maybe forever, who knows #NFT