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Twitter Web App : The UN's Navi Pillay:
- defends Hamas
- supports the antisemitic BDS movement
- gave Iran's Ahmadinejad a platform at Durban

THIS is who's leading UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry against Israel?!

Full report here:

Twitter Web App : A Palestinian terrorist was eliminated by Israeli forces when he tried to stab them as seen in the video.

The mainstream media be like: 'Israeli forces kill walking Palestinian man'.

Twitter Web App : The Palestinians refuse to cooperate with Israel to find out the truth. The PA & Susan Sarandon blame Israel without evidence.
A dangerous Jew-blame game is being played.
This is what we do know. Share👇
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Jewish Civil Rights UK #changethenarrative
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Twitter Web App : Incitement against Jews begins on social media.
19 Israelis were killed in the past month.
We must stop it!
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