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Bio CEO/CTO & Founder of Lightbend. Creator of Akka. Powder Skier. Wannabe Musician. Perpetual Learner.
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Twitter Web App : 'Don't travel by plane, it's not good for the environment' - honestly I don't think I'm going to feel bad about taking a plane as long as aberrations like these exist…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of saxophonist Michael Brecker's death at age 57. I assess his life and legacy in this new longform essay.…

Twitter Web App : Born on this day in 1944, Jim Gray received the 1998 for seminal contributions to database and transaction processing research and technical leadership in system implementation.

In the video, Gray shares his thoughts on database transactions and the ACID test:

Twitter Web App : The video for my 'Decoupled Transactions' paper for CIDR 2022 is now online. Just some thoughts about bounding latency.


Thanks to the folks running for a great conference! Amazing job!

Twitter Web App : We're happy to announce the release of Play 2.8.13:…🚀

Special thanks to our backers and premium sponsors❤️
You can support us as well, more details here:

Twitter Web App : As the 'western diet' spreads, autoimmune diseases are becoming common in countries where they were never seen before.…

Twitter Web App : Composing serverless calls was a recently added feature. And it hasn't gotten enough air time! That changes today!

👉… is a good resource to check out. Build sophisticated APIs, sans infrastructure overhead and deployment headaches.

Typefully : Strong feelings about issues do not generally emerge from deep understanding but in the absence of it.

Twitter Web App : When you're on a call with a customer and they casually throw out 'Wicked fast server' when describing the great work done by the Akka Team...smiles all around. 🚀🎇😀

Johannes Rudolph 's great blog post describes how this wickedness was achieved:….