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Leon accepted to fight Khamzat 3 times. Gangster. Belal Muhammad openly asks for Leon, Khamzat or Colby for months. Ganster. Khamzat says he accepted to fight Colby 4-times. Gangster. Colby gets title shot πŸ¦†ing everyone, fighting no one, and says no fights were offered. Jackass…

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You guys shit relentlessly on Belal for years and the second they announced that Colby would get the next shot, you guys are ready to riot in the streets to Remember the Name by Fort Minor. May be the first time I’ve seen MMA Twitter put bias aside and collectively be objective.

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Gotta say Belal Muhammad made a great case for himself deserving the title shot on todays . Should he wait on a huge streak for the shot? If not who should he fight next?

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β€œI want to make Colby apologize to [Jon Anik]. The same way that Khabib walked up to Artem and slapped him, that’s what I’m gonna do to Colby Covington if I see him.”

Belal Muhammad clearly fired up about Colby Covington’s threat to the UFC play-by-play man

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Belal Muhammad trashes Colby Covington over his threats to Jon Anik 😬

'I wish that he even looks at Jon in a certain way of disrespect. I swear I’m going to walk right up to him and slap him right in his mouth.'

(via Damon Martin)

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2) The job of MMA commentator is not as hard as that of fighter, judge, or referee, but it's hard. We are judged on every utterance over 8+ hours and certainly there are things we'd love to take back. Someone is usually upset w/ something. Never had a perfect show. Never will.