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Twitter for iPhone : VP Kamala Harris calls videos of Border Patrol agents using reins on Haitian migrants “horrible” and says she supports a “thorough investigation.”

“I’m deeply troubled about it.”

Twitter for Android : Me: 'I like chocolate ice cream!'

Twitter: 'Vanilla ice cream doesn't matter huh?

Even Dumber Twitter: 'Ice cream is a government conspiracy to push the big dairy industry and make you think cold processed milk products are delicious when in fact it's just microchips, SHEEP!'

Twitter for iPhone : Rep. Tony Gonzales says that border patrol officers who whipped Haitian Refugees are “doing Gods work.”

Didn’t realize “love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) Meant whipping people and screaming at them to get out of the country.

Twitter for iPhone : Mitch McConnell 2 years ago: “America can't default. That would be a disaster”

McConnell today: About to force America’s very 1st default

Remember why we are here in the 1st place: This Koch-sponsored Russian asset & Trump gave billionaires a $1.7 TRILLION tax cut

Twitter for iPhone : Ron Desantis today appoints UCLA professor Joseph Ladapo as FL’s new Surgeon General. He goes across the country to bring in an anti-mask, anti-vaccine guy who is required to start every interview with “my views are my own and not those of UCLA.”

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “From the beginning this has been a tragedy of errors.”

Victim advocate John Walsh weighs in on the hunt for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend and search for answers.

Twitter Web App : This was during the 2016 election. I was in a hotel bar and a couple behind me was asking what I thought about the election. I expressed my hopes which were obvious dashed. / 1

Twitter Web App : James O'Keefe got banned from Twitter for violating the platform manipulation policy.

Now, he's targeting me on Instagram with a rant to his 900,000 plus followers BUT HE DOESN'T DISPUTE A SINGLE WORD I AM SAYING.

He is both a criminal and a shameless bully.