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If you're going to protest in the coming days, please be safe (see thread for more suggestions!) & if you find yourself in custody, don't say a word to the cops. Not only did SCOTUS overturn Roe v. Wade today, they essentially gutted your Miranda rights yesterday.

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Shout out to all the kids who will be born to parents who don’t want them, don’t love them, and wish they’d never been born.

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hey just you know abortion being banned & criminalized means
- people are gonna get in trouble for miscarriages
- people are gonna die from conditions where abortion could save them
- people are gonna have to travel cross country to get abortions

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Disabled pregnant people—esp queer & trans, poor, BIPOC, sick disabled people—WILL die because roe was overturned. The stakes aren’t just politics or economics or quality of life. Some disabled pregnant people just learned that they are going to die.

They fucking MATTER.

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DM me a screenshot of your donation to naral ( OR a local abortion fund and i will send you 6 months FREE to my fansly.

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I want everyone to remember, when you see protests getting tear gassed tonight, that tear gas is an abortifacient. Cops are allowed to spray abortifacients on crowds if they want to, even in states where abortion is illegal.

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forced birth in a country with baby formula shortages and mass school shootings weekly you can’t make this up