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Twitter for Android : 🧵Back in March 2020, the Government asked councils to house all street homeless people to protect them from the pandemic. It was an unprecedented move which rightly safeguarded thousands of vulnerable people from life on the streets as Covid took hold A Londoner's London [1/4]

Twitter for Android : Quire. The main reason to oppose Brexit was not that it would be economically damaging, which it clearly was bound to be, but that it would be a geopolitical disaster. Naive of anyone to have thought otherwise...

Twitter for iPad : The German Bundestag contains 85 members from the extreme right, partially neo-Nazi AfD party. They’re unequivocally shunned by all other parties.

The House of Commons contains around 200 MPs holding similar or more extreme views. All bar a handful are on the government benches.

Twitter for iPhone : Poor Kier Starmer can’t really contribute to the ‘consequences of Brexit’ debate for fear of upsetting the pro-Brexit voters who were conned and he can’t really contribute to the asylum seekers debate for fear of upsetting the xenophobes who hate all foreigners

TweetDeck : As predicted, London's weekly rate has overtaken that of Yorks/Humber (flat/declining), and tomorrow it will pass the NW. Richmond-on-Thames is still streets ahead, but Wandsworth, which had the highest rate in the capital at time of the Euros has an eye-catching surge. 1/3

Twitter for iPhone : The secret meeting between Lord Bethell and Owen Paterson’s Randox over Covid contracts happened on 9 April 2020.

I’ve just been told that the Government is refusing to publish the Randox files in full until the end of January 2022.

What on earth are ministers hiding?

Twitter Web App : 125 new Cambridge cases reported today, bringing the 7-day total to 673, within a whisker of its peak in January. More analysis to follow over the weekend.

Twitter Web App : First timing: a new dangerous variant arrives just before millions of people across world start travelling internationally for Christmas holiday period - not good.

Millions of people travelling within and to US this week for Thanksiving just as variant announced - not good. 2/5

Wildmoka : BREAKING: First victim of Wednesday's Channel tragedy named as Mariam Nouri Hamadameen - a recently engaged 21-year-old Kurdish student from northern Iraq.