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Twitter for iPhone : Couldn’t ask our landlord to turn off the heat this weekend when it was 30c because it’s going down to 6c later this week and we knew he might not turn in back on/didn’t want to bother him lest we inch closer to renoviction. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ The housing crisis is a health crisis.

Twitter Web App : About that new SIDS study that people are saying has found the cause: I am sorry to say that it has not.

It has identified an enzyme that MIGHT be potential biomarker for SIDS vulnerability. And even that is a stretch.

I’ll try to explain.


Twitter for iPhone : To any of you who said infants and children aren’t affected by , who said it doesn’t spread in schools, who said the pandemic was over: Spend a day in an ICU with an infant, at the bedside of a (re)infected family, or counselling patients with long-Covid. Then apologize.

Twitter for iPhone : In a reasonable society, a new hepatitis in little kids that’s causing liver transplants & may be caused by Covid would prompt leaders to bring back masks until more is known

Twitter Web App : NEW: 'He could have killed you, he had every right.'

The Depp-Heard trial continues to stream live and there is a seemingly one-sided social media flood of hate being directed towards Amber Heard:…

Twitter for Android : This is my 25th year of nursing through SARS, H1N1 & 6 waves of COVID. I've never seen a crisis like we have currently. ERs and ICUs full, very ill children & general public maskless and believing that a pandemic virus has somehow vanished. This type of disrespect has broken me.