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Stop the nonsense. The SNP spent £99,000 to come 2nd in a by election in Shetland yet only £90,000 on the EU referendum, separatists couldn’t care less about the EU, in 2014 as they voted to leave it so please stop this faux outrage of being ‘ripped’ out the EU, it’s pathetic.

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I also asked Ian Blackford about the way he handled the Patrick Grady sexual misconduct case

- why he said in a private meeting colleagues should rally around Grady

- and if he had personally apologised to the victim

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Genuine question, is there a right wing within the SNP? Because I’m not having that the only mainstream nationalist party is solely left wing. Like, it’s nationalism FFS, that’s got right wing written all over it.

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Such a different mood in Yes camp compared to '14. Angrier. Less curiosity. Less optimism. More tribalism. More anxiety. More finger pointing. Scant attention paid to views/feelings of swing voters. Almost a feeling of anger that swing voters have not yet swung to Yes. Not good.

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Rather than write a blog no one will read I made a video no one will watch.

My take on Sturgeons announcement of a referendum next Oct and wanting to make the GE all about her rather than you.

And yes, this was therapeutic 😇

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“I hope there isn’t another Scottish independence referendum next year…there are huge issues for us to contend with”

The Conservatives’ Craig Hoy MSP appeals for the Scottish government to 'govern in the Scottish national interest” instead of the interests of the SNP.

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I’m grateful to 🇬🇧 Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allocating an additional £1 billion for security assistance to Ukraine. 🇬🇧 is our true friend and strategic partner. We appreciate the consistent, leadership support for 🇺🇦 in countering Russian aggression.

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Gentle reminder that the SNP has previously said they would block Independence for the Shetland isles who have explored going independent from SNP-run Scotland.…