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Twitter Web App : The evolution of the 10 parsec sample over the past century, illustrates our growing knowledge of the solar neighborhood. The state of the art is provided by the ESA Gaia mission showing all the stars/brown dwarfs within 33 light years [source, read more:]

Twitter Web App : after years i'm still so fascinated by cellular automata. working on a project right now and went in a vortex last night exploring different rules. it's so enjoyable - just picking a random rule and the surprise of what comes up

Twitter Web App : Go Conference 2022 spring (2022/04/23) の CfP が Accept されたので登壇します。タイトルは IoT with TinyGo ということで、 TinyGo でだれでも IoT デバイスを作成できるようになるトークです。前回の TinyGo ハンズオンの続きのイメージかも。頑張って内容作り込むのでお楽しみに。

Twitter Web App : 1/
Another view of the CRAZY gas tail of comet Leonard, this time from our U.S. Naval Research Laboratory HI-2 camera on NASA Sun & Space STEREO-A. The solar wind is playing havoc with it! ☀️🌬️

Note: these images are *highly* processed to enhance the tail structures. More info on data processing to follow...

Twitter Web App : As a software developer, you may be called upon to perform some of these tasks in your career.

How well a CS degree prepares you for these tasks (and whether it even should prepare you for these) is left as an exercise to the reader.


Twitter Web App : While the new 1.18 is awesome, don't sleep on @tinygo . The team is doing some amazing work:
- Windows support
- Enhanced WASM (with goroutine now)
- 74+ boards/sensors supported

Excited to see the project's progress 😍…

Twitter Web App : tinydisplay 0.1.0 has been released. It supports emulating button input and touch input. If you are developing screens in , this will help you a lot.

tinydisplay is a tiny display for TinyGo development. It works on windows, macOS and linux.…