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Bio The Ian Beale of the WWW, also a Weather Geek (#WXGeek).

Twitter Developer.

PoGO (Instinct): 3837 6409 8398.

Censored in Korea.

Oh and a poof.

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Twitter Web App : God blessed some people with super-human intelligence, some with the ability to sing or dance, some with amazing sporting capabilities.
I'm so grateful he blessed me with the complexion of a flaky croissant...

Twitter for Android : An emergency vehicle has just gone by with their sirens blaring, but they sounded more 'continental'. Not heard that before here.

Twitter for Android : *judging if this is a parody account or a 🎣 account - and I've been caught* 🤔

(I'll put my hands up if it's the latter)

dalehay.me : Not one to moan *cough*, but what is it that Facefvck people don't get about plonking a full-stop or a comma in their huge posts?

No wonder people sense a different tone/vibe.

Use them, morons.

dalehay.me : Who'd've thought that chubby-cheeked placid child would grow up into a poof. 😉

Hehe. 😁