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Twitter for iPhone : Whatever this is, it is not anything close to a coup or insurrection.

Twitter Media Studio : Tucker Carlson Exposing The Point Of Biden's Border Crisis & Mass Immigration

'To change the racial mix of the country, that's the reason.'

'In political terms, this policy is called the Great Replacement.'

Twitter for iPhone : It’s here, guys! The footage from inside the Capitol that prosecutors didn’t want released for “national security” reasons.
As you can see it was EXACTLY like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and the media and Democrats were not at all lying to smear Trump and his supporters.

Twitter for iPhone : President of Croatia says they are done jabbing. They are not going to do it any more.

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Julia calls out 'leftie remoaners' reactions to Emma Raducanu's US Open victory:

'She's British. The only people obsessed with her heritage, ethnicity and race are the people who proclaim to be so pro-immigrant, colour blind and so wonderful. They're the racists.'

Julia Hartley-Brewer