yan πŸ₯• (art block, in a slump brb) (@carrotpanko )

yan πŸ₯• (art block, in a slump brb)

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Twitter for Android : Gikwang is giving Mamamoo a chance to get snacks from the snack machine

🐹 Are there any limit?

GK: You can take as much as you want

🐰 Can we bring that machine back?

GK: ahhh^^;;;

🐰🐹🐢🦁*getting snacks*

GK: KCON is shaking

🐰 ayyyyyy KCON is rich~~

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Twitter Web App : something i drew for 🚏 a while ago

they made an absolutely amazing fic based on it, set during their filming for Veronica;; It's definitely worth a read!