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Bio Caple is the only family run, privately owned UK supplier of appliances, sinks, taps & kitchen furniture.
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Buffer : Another great way to tackle loneliness is to spend time with pets 😍

No only do animals provide us with unconditional love, but they can also offer structure.

Meet basil and Bingley our Caple dogs, posing in our beautiful showroom!

Buffer : This we're looking at practical ways to combat loneliness.

Social media can often have negative connotations, however, try to use it in a positive way & engage with digital communities that you share interests with to help you feel a part of something!

Buffer : Stimulate your mind!

This we're looking at practical ways to combat loneliness. Activities that occupy your mind can help with loneliness, for example doing a class or listening to a podcast.

More resources here:

Buffer : Reviews like this are always so appreciated🙌

We pride ourselves on providing excellent after-sales support & a high quality of customer service. So, it always means so much to us when customers go our of their way to give kind feedback. Well done Emily and Natasha!

Buffer : Venting function as two appliances in one neat package, which makes them highly cost-effective!

You can find out more about why you’ll want one in your kitchen if you read product exec Ashley’s latest blog:

Buffer : How about feeding the family for under £10?🤔

With the rise in the cost of living, we're all looking at ways to save, but just because you're feeding the family on a it doesn't mean your meals can't be exciting!

Why not try this orzo :

Buffer : One of the most obvious benefits of venting hobs is the space they save🙌

However, they also perform brilliantly, with powerful extraction and a beautifully contemporary aesthetic.

Find out more here:

Buffer : Looking for an & hob, which won’t clutter your kitchen? 🤔

Why not consider a venting ? Our product exec Ashley reveals some great two-in-one appliance options with enhanced functionality and serious good looks.

Let us explain more here:

Buffer : Are you cooking for friends & family this bank holiday weekend? 😋

Our award winning DD940BK donwdraft induction hob is not only energy efficient but uses innovative Plasma technology to effectively remove all cooking odours