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Bio 29 • english major • barista • writer • swiftie • livie • never been a natural, all i do is try try try 💕
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Twitter for iPhone : one of my coworkers was like “that guy is so dreamy” and then I had to explain to her that there are *very* few men in the world that I find sexually attractive 😂

I said “take from this what you will and feel free to ask follow up questions” lmao

Twitter for iPhone : Posting this again. Please consider donating if you can, anything helps. And share!! I’m hoping to accept the offer next week!
Between this and venmo I have about $1,000, so 1/5 of the way to my goal! Thank you💞

Twitter for iPhone : I second this. I was offline most of the day but just seeing how nasty some of y’all can be is really disappointing. Reminds me of why I left the first time.

If literally anyone needs to reach out and vent, talk to someone who cares or understands, my DM’s are always open 🥺

Twitter for iPhone : I love how we’re all so understanding of Taylor and say “let her rest, spend time with family” etc. and then she’s gonna be like “hey guys TS10 will be out this summer and it has 25 tracks also stay tuned for my next re records in a week here’s a vault track in the mean time” 😂

Twitter for iPhone : Marjorie 💕

When I first moved in, we had a neighborhood cat we loved & took care of, didn’t know her name was Charlie but called her Margie. She disappeared last year & it still makes me sad but soon as we found out Mr. Man was actually a she, we kept the Margie party going 💕