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Twitter for iPhone : create good habits. have morning and night routines filled with habits that make you feel good, inspired and motivated to go on with your days. the goal is to make incremental changes to your lifestyle that eventually become a way of life.

Twitter for iPhone : life lately: baggy jeans, hot coffee, clean soap scent, gold necklace, walks at night, messy notebooks, silky hair, sushis, glossier makeup, shiny nails, big eyebags, black beanie, zadig & voltaire perfume, oversized hoodies 🀍🧸🍣

Twitter for Android : nine types of rest: time away, permission to not be helpful, something 'unproductive', connection to art and nature, solitude to recharge, a break from responsibility, stillness to decompress, safe space, alone time at home

Twitter for iPhone : i don’t know who needs to hear this, but one day, you will be able to sayΒ β€œi made it.” and until then, i really want you to hold on to whatever it is that you dream of and never stop believing in yourself.