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Twitter Web App : 1. How quickly the media lose interest in a subject once the UK can't be beaten senseless for it.

Covid deaths for the past 28 days, taken from Johns Hopkins data:

Poland: 11,929
Germany: 9,114
France: 4,351
Italy: 3,361
UK: 3,250
Spain: 1,246
Portugal: 462

Twitter for Android : Im dbl vaxxed. Any1 calling for vax passports or discrimination on vax status needs to look carefully at the facts & figures.
The old & obese are dying & filling hospital beds, despite vax.
The vax doesn't stop or slow transmission.
See the ONS ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulati…

Twitter Web App : airport is one of the largest hubs in the world, Qatar Airways continues to fly from Johannesburg, this is crazy. At any time there may be thousands of passengers in transit in a closed area interacting prepared to spread the virus towards different directions.

Twitter for Android : I cannot believe a leader of an opposition party can be so one dimensional in his view statistics that effect every aspect of society and population. Has basic education really fallen this far!

Twitter for Android : Police dont use rs6's...
This merc van was in Liverpool before when the carnatic halls were uses for special forces training two years back... Also sun visor down in the merc, at night..

This ongoing incident is bigger than we think.

Its mod/mi6.

Twitter for Android : The ultimate ripple effect?
Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook in 2005.
Just watched a 2021 UK TV program about a 17 year old trying to walk into the sea because of social media pressure...