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Bio Assistant Professor of Sociology @UCBerkeley. Director @SC2_Collab. Co-Director @cpluscp. A Planet to Win (Verso 2019). #HomesGuarantee Policy. he/him
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Twitter for iPhone : Jennifer Esteen is a registered nurse, mom, and labor organizer challenging the author of the PG&E bailout here in California.

Daybreak PAC is endorsing her because we know she’ll fight for all of us in Sacramento. Follow and support Jennifer Esteen, RN !!!☀️

Twitter for iPhone : “There is an excellent reason for a huge investment boom [in] the climate transition. But that will not occur without consistent, determined, intelligent & globally aware policymaking, none of which we can expect.”

Only planning can save us.

Twitter Web App : Can't get over the focus on the electoral costs of 'defund the police' for centrist Dems--something basically no federal Democratic officeholder supports--compared to the costs of blocking prescription price negotiation for Medicare beneficiaries from the Build Back Better Act.

Twitter Web App : New paper: ridesourcing results in a 50–60% decline in air pollutant emission externalities, but increased vehicle travel from deadheading creates a ∼20% increase in fuel use & GHGs & a ∼60% increase in external costs from congestion, crashes, & noise. pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/ac…