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Bio OSINT/CryptoCurrency/SOCMINT/Privacy practitioner and educator. I like bourbon, motorcycles, golf, and RV’ing too. OEF vet/ Former LEO. Opinions are my own.
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Twitter Web App : Top Tip - Signal Secret

Probably the only argument I hear against using Signal is the fact that you have to use a phone number. Well there is a work around where you do not have to use your real number.

Check my Top Tip at

Twitter Web App : Here's a useful tool for analysing communities.

Subreddit User Overlap identifies which other subreddits a user is also likely to belong to.

For example, a member of r/conspiracy is also likely to be a member of r/lockdownskepticism.…

Twitter Web App : The ultimate OSINT bibliography. The standard 'must read' list of reports and books on open source intelligence for anyone interested in designing an OSINT capability.

Twitter Web App : We are thrilled to announce that Chainalysis has acquired Excygent, a specialized professional services firm that assists government agencies with cybercrime investigations, data processing, and lead generation.…