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Twitter for iPhone : The extent CROOKED Hillary went to cheat the 2016 election and still lost!! Bet she wishes she had mass mail-in voting like her pal Brandon Biden! Too bad for her they didn’t coordinate a plandemic on her behalf!

Twitter for iPhone : Big government doesn’t grow when things are going well, it might seem like this is just complete democrat ineptitude, but I see it as all part of their plan. The left wants fundamental changes to our country they can only achieve if they tear us down to nothing and force it.

Twitter for iPhone : Sitting next to 2 “maskers” on my flight who are praising the SCOTUS leaker but just 5 mins ago were discussing why we should all be forced to get COVID shots every year. Can’t make this stuff up! My body, my choice?

Twitter for iPhone : Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there who hold down the fort and make the world go round. A special thank you to all the moms in the US military and law enforcement who are spending this day protecting and defending freedom, safety and security for us all.

Twitter for iPhone : The Democrats and their lackeys in the administration assure us that Hunter Biden’s dealings aren’t a conflict of interest for Joe. Not because there’s an absence of evidence to suggest it, but just because they say so. Okay….

645pmET with Elizabeth MacDonald on FoxBusiness!

Twitter for iPhone : You can’t support “my body my choice” and simultaneously be a forced vax advocate. Doesn’t work. For those who say forced vaccination is for the “greater good” STOP PRETENDING the COVID VAX prevents INFECTION or TRANSMISSION. That’s a LIE!

Twitter for iPhone : It low key breaks my heart when cops approach me to thank ME for being an outspoken advocate for law enforcement. I am flattered and humbled but I wish it wasn’t a rare or controversial thing to loudly and proudly back the men and women in blue. I thank YOU for all YOU do for us.

Twitter for iPhone : The same people who are literally screaming about Roe v Wade were and are the ones who believe in vaccination as a condition of employment and everything else. You don’t get to pick and choose your “my body my choice” narrative!