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Twitter for Android : The people of Bury South voted for a Tory MP. Now Gavin Wakeford has switched parties and they have a Labour MP. How can the decision of the electorate be usurped by a self-serving turncoat? There should be a by-election. It's an affront to democracy, the rules must be changed.

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Anna has worked for the NHS for 17 years, and faces being sacked under mandatory vaccination policies for NHS workers.

Anna: 'How is sacking us not going to put patients at risk?'

Kevin O'Sullivan

Twitter for Android : All these people who seem to think that getting rid of Boris means the Tories will lose the next election just don't get it. Getting rid of Boris is the only way the Tories will win the next election. Keep him and Sir Beer Starmer heads for Number 10. It ain't rocket science.

Twitter for Android : When Boris axes the Plan B restrictions that were such a pathetic overreaction to the meek and mild Omicron variant, we should demand to know why he imposed them in the first place. Why have we let this government get away with so many grave mistakes? Especially the lockdowns!

Twitter Web App : Clinging on by his fingernails as the escalating Partygate scandal gets worse for him by the minute, Boris Johnson today declared: ' I am not a liar.' This was a lie.

Twitter for Android : Politics is a numbers game. And the number on Boris's mind today is 54. As in the number of MPs' letters required to trigger a no confidence vote. He says he's not a liar. But as everyone knows, that's not true. Good luck BoJo, God knows you're gonna need it.


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An irreverent look at the UK’s pol…

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : The NHS will start sacking unvaccinated staff early next month.

But Kevin O'Sullivan says it's 'like an act of self harm'.

'Let the doctors and nurses stay, they are marvellous people who have the right not to be vaccinated. Do not fire them for making that choice.'

Kevin O'Sullivan

Twitter for iPhone : Lewis Goodall is as much of a Labour activist as Owen Jones. If they appoint him to replace Laura Kuenssberg it’ll be great for as he’ll be our best recruitment officer, turning people off the BBC in droves.

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