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Twitter for iPhone : Donald MacLeod tells Radio Scotland that his pal downloaded the COVID passport app and passed it onto a friendโ€ฆ

30 seconds after complaining that the app isnโ€™t available for download until 30 September ๐Ÿค”

BBC Radio Scotland would do well to challenge this misinformation

Twitter for Android : From BBC More or Less I understand that most folk on UC would have to earn an extra ยฃ79 to replace the ยฃ20 that's being withdrawn. And that's before any additional childcare costs, and reduction in Council Tax assistance. These people are stuck. Let's do more, not less, for them.

Twitter for iPad : During PMQ today at WM the Secretary of State for Scotland carried out a conversation with anther Tory during the whole of QT

He never listened to a question nor an answer

What is the point of this man being in Government!

Wildmoka : When asked by Sky's Beth Rigby about concerns over the Northern Ireland Protocol, US President Joe Biden says he feels 'very strongly' that he does not want a change to the 'Irish accords' resulting in 'a closed border'.

Read more here:

Twitter Web App : On average 3 attempts to pass HGV. Thatโ€™s with the intermediate HGV2 which has been axed. Watch the pass rate soar just like the English inflated grade awards in school. If you add to the mix their being asked to work even longer hours, our roads just got scarier

Twitter for iPhone : Asked how he would explain the brexit deal Boris Johnson agreed & signed to President Biden Environment Secretary George Eustice says โ€œitโ€™s like saying potatoes grown in one part of the United States canโ€™t be sold in another partโ€

We are a laughing stock

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : 'We have no planned meetings on any sort of perspective US-UK trade deal.'

Democratic congressman US Rep Brendan Boyle says the lack of a trade deal is not out of 'disrespect to the UK' but larger trading partners such as Canada and Mexico take precedence