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SocialFlow : 'Where the evidence leads them, if that's Donald Trump, you can be sure they're gonna go there'
Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett tells Nick Robinson the investigation into the US Capital riot is more serious now that the Department of Justice is involved

SocialFlow : 'Infection rates are high at the moment and it's good that those vulnerable people get their booster'

Prof Anthony Harnden says the length of time between the 2nd vaccine dose and the booster could change but currently advice says 6 months

SocialFlow : 'What this is about is enabling people to die peacefully and out of pain where palliative care has failed'
Lord Forsyth tells Martha Kearney there are enough safeguards required by the Assisted Dying Bill

Hear more views about the bill on Best of Today:

SocialFlow : 'The reason many disabled people are worried is because the conditions they have could very easily be fitted into that 6 month prognosis'
Baroness Grey-Thompson says she's concerned about how disabled people would be treated if assisted dying is legalised.

SocialFlow : 'China is an important part of the play... they're 27% of the world's emissions and we need them to participate'
Amber Rudd, Former Energy and Climate Change Secretary, says it's about delivery now and China's negotiators will still be involved in COP26

SocialFlow : 'We strongly support the best possible palliative care but... a small minority do need assisted dying'
Baroness Meacher says even the best palliative care cannot alleviate the symptoms for a small minority of patients.

SocialFlow : 'It is a race between the vaccines and getting those in people's arms, and the virus”
Health Minister Edward Argar emphasises the government's desire for everyone to be jabbed

Full interview plus Professor Jason Leitch on Covid measures in Scotland:

SocialFlow : 'There is huge pressure on the NHS but I don't believe...unsustainable pressure'

Health minister Edward Argar told @BBCNickRobinson the situation could 'rapidly become very challenging' and getting the jab was the best way to ease the pressure

SocialFlow : 'We no longer want things only to happen in London or the bigger cities. We want things happening right across the UK'

Martin Green, Chief Creative Officer of Unboxed 2022 says the arts event brings together the best creative minds from STEM and the arts

SocialFlow : 'There's a range of considerations and factors that need to be taken into account, one of which is that pressure on the NHS'

Health Minister Edward Argar tells Nick Robinson the government isn't ignoring expert advice on implementing a Covid Plan B

SocialFlow : 'At one point I had more abuse online than all the other women MPs put together and a lot of it is violent'

Diane Abbott, Labour MP and former shadow Home Secretary says it's important to consider what measures are needed to keep MPs and their staff safe

SocialFlow : 'When you pass six months and one can use the telephone booking system'

Health Minister Edward Argar tells @BBCNickRobinson the booster rollout is a 'complex logistical exercise' but the government was going to 'make it easier'.

SocialFlow : A window into the negotiations at the climate talks: Documents leaked to the BBC show some countries are pressuring the UN to change it's message on tackling climate change.

SocialFlow : 'It's really working it's way through that younger population at the moment'

Stuart Keeble, director of public health for Suffolk County Council, says 51% of their Covid cases are from under-19s and it's beginning to spread to the age group of parents

SocialFlow : 'Overall, this will save money in the long term'

Tom Rivett-Carnac, one of the experts who answered Today listener questions put by Amol Rajan & Mishal Husain

Hear the Q&A session, plus Amol's interview with the Business Secretary, on the Best of Today:

SocialFlow : 'I would suggest that the unit cost of heat pumps will come down and people will adopt them in much greater numbers'

Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng tells Amol Rajan the government is encouraging installation of heat pumps rather than forcing it

SocialFlow : 'There are millions of new variants that will occur every day, most of them fizzle out very quickly'

Prof Andrew Pollard from the Oxford Vaccine Programme says the new Covid sub-variant of Delta and others are 'unlikely to change the picture dramatically'