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Twitter Web App : They said it couldn't be done, that it would backfire, but we did it: tweet-bullied an octogenarian Supreme Court Justice into doing the right thing. 💪

Twitter Web App : Getting a transplant requires taking multiple extremely toxic drugs. They can give you cancer and destroy your brain. The mRNA COVID vaccine is far safer than any of them. Anyone who refuses that one benign part of the process should not have a precious organ squandered on them.

Twitter Web App : But the Democratic Party can't just drill down into its base because of deep divisions within the Party concerning who actually constitutes that base. This isn't just messaging, it is an existential crisis within the party itself.

Twitter Web App : COVID-denying doctors: if a result isn't statistically significant, it's not real.

The American Statistical Association in 2016: never, ever, ever use statistical significance this way. You're hurting us. Please stop.…

Twitter Web App : The lawsuit wouldn't go anywhere, but the lawsuit isn't the problem, it's his messaging. The old monoclonal antibodies simply don't work on Omicron. DeSantis *could* encourage people to make their own antibodies by getting vaccinated, but instead he's pushing a conspiracy theory.

Twitter Web App : A lot of people have concluded 'everyone will get Omicron and that'll be the end of COVID' but unfortunately that's just not how viruses work. We don't know what the next variants will look like, but 'it's no big deal now' is exceedingly optimistic, to the point of being foolish.

Twitter Web App : Terrible article, and a huge misread of this poll. If you asked me this question, I would say 'support.' This does not mean I want every student in the country to go remote right now. It means I support it as an option for schools when necessary given their circumstances.

Twitter Web App : Okay this is bad but I'm sure we can find some grad student seminar syllabus or diversity training powerpoint that hurts racists' feelings and therefore something something both sides.

Twitter Web App : This article is ridiculous, it's like it was ghostwritten by corporate lobbyists. The underlying premise is that popular elements from Biden's 2020 campaign platform are 'far left' fantasies opposed by most Democrats. 🙄

Twitter Web App : A reminder about the 'trains ran on time' myth. Autocratic regimes are always mismanaged. The regime's interests are usually separate from (or in opposition to) the public's interests—such as how the Russian oligarchy avoids rubles whenever possible.

Twitter Web App : BIDEN: 'I shouldn't have spoken of your mother that way. I'm sorry.'

DOOCY: 'Thank you. And?'

BIDEN: 'And what?'

DOOCY: 'What about me?'

BIDEN: 'What about you? You're still stupid.'


Twitter Web App : It's deeply funny how, every time the media clutches pearls over him, they end up making mild-mannered compromise-loving not-at-all-radical Joe Biden look cool as hell.