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TweetDeck : So is Russia going to be content with yet another round of talks if they get their answers in writing, or are they going to get impatient and just go in?

TweetDeck : 'In most instances, reported symptoms have been attributed to 'medical conditions or environmental and technical factors, including previously undiagnosed illnesses...
But there are cases that have defied explanation.'

TweetDeck : This includes long-awaited American anti-aircraft weapons from Latvia and Lithuania, anti-tank Javelins from Estonia. Congress has also been notified about five Mi-17 helicopters the US wants to give Ukraine.…

TweetDeck : Your regular reminder that Congress can wade into the local issues of a city with a bigger population than several states. And this is someone who claims to fight government overreach.

TweetDeck : This would look a lot different than Crimea when no shots were fired - and Putin knows it. 'Every window will shoot if [Russians] go [in],' a Ukrainian official told me. 'Everyone who is willing to fight will do so and will receive a weapon...'…

TweetDeck : Blinken said he won't be providing Lavrov on Friday with the written answers Russia has asked for and 'it’s not clear what Russia’s central demand is or is not.” Russia has been pretty vocal about their demands, even laying them out in writing.

TweetDeck : “They arrived around three o’clock in the morning, cut the electricity and surrounded the house, raiding it and detaining all members who were in the house,” an eyewitness told CNN.

Twitter Web App : If you click 'Order Free At-Home Tests' on this new government website, you'll be redirected to and then your user data will be immediately shared with Google's DoubleClick advertising subsidiary.

Why are gov agencies still allowed to do this?🧐💩📴⛈️⚖️💸

Twitter for iPhone : As Russian warships exit the Baltic Sea (to Mediterranean/Black Sea for Ukraine chapter 2?) they are monitored by Swedish and NATO forces, including this P-8A Poseidon from Keflavik that just finished doing loops over the narrow Danish Straits.