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SocialFlow : Meet the players who became the masters and gave Wall Street a run for its money in ': The Legend of WallStreetBets,' a new feature documentary from MSNBC_Films, NBC News Studios and ZCDC. Airs tomorrow at 10pm ET on MSNBC and streaming next day on Peacock

SocialFlow : .The ReidOut Blog: Virginia's Republican governor is looking to stifle protests over the the court's expected decision to overturn federal abortion rights.

SocialFlow : .The ReidOut Blog: The conservative Democratic senator has a habit of claiming to support rights that he does virtually nothing to protect.

SocialFlow : Only one Supreme Court justice has been impeached. Clarence Thomas could be the second.

Wildmoka : 'It must be apparent now to even the most dim-witted of Putin's military senior advisors that they're in a strategic botch... They're a pariah nation, they're diplomatically isolated, and they' economy is going to grind to a halt' - Barry R McCaffrey w/ Nicolle Wallace