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somewhere escaping life through music... 🎙 📍 DMV ➡️ MI 🗣 M-F 3pm-7pm EST @mymagicgr 📻 M-F 2pm-7pm CST @1051theblock


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-Same producer
-Released just months apart
-Both have background vocals on each others albums
They are very much siblings, lol

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Music is the closest thing to time traveling. I listen to older songs and I’m immediately transported back to that time. It even smells the same. So powerful.

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To know that the DV episode on A Different World started as a call out to someone from within their circle and then using the show as a platform to educate everyone.


Just really powerful.

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And he’s not wrong. Country radio refused to play Old Town Road, and they wouldn’t allow it to be placed on the country charts.

The same thing they did to Beyoncé with Daddy Lessons they did to Lil Nas X. Again showing why Cowboy Carter is so important.

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The minute I landed in DC I felt so much at peace. I really need to figure out a way to come back home every quarter or at least twice a year