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Bio Jumped-up baldy. Liberal extremist. Columnist at the i newspaper. Host on the Oh God What Now podcast. Author of How To Be A Liberal.
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Twitter Web App : Just seen this - don't see how it being pre-planned makes a difference to original reason, they were feeding staff & I assume volunteers.The fact it was pre-arranged with social distancing guidelines makes it more likely to be reasonably necessary not less twitter.com/SamCoatesSky/s…

Twitter for iPhone : George Perez never went half way, in art or life. He pushed the limit of what a comic could do: his style was somehow, impossibly both overwhelmingly powerful and subtly graceful. He matched his passion for his trade with his passion for his fans and friends. RIP breaks my heart.

Twitter Web App : Last night we disrupted Priti Patel because her is cruel, morally bankrupt & it will cost lives.

We demand the Government drops this widely condemned policy & provides support for people seeking safety.

No matter where we come from, we all deserve dignity & respect

Twitter Web App : Just because this morning's papers are bordering on madness, a rough summary of these results would be:
> Labour rebuilt the so-called 'Red Wall'
> Labour made even further advances in parts of the south
> The Lib Dems won lots of disaffected Tory voters

Twitter Web App : Still blathering on about this because I can't see it being reported.
Numbers say NHS emergency response is on its knees.
If you have a stroke/heart attack and call 999, there's a good chance you'll be waiting an hour for an ambulance. In the South West, two. If unlucky, four.

Twitter for iPhone : Driving to Staveley for the 18k, it strikes me that every single inch of my patch is in Lib Dem hands. It’s never happened before. After 17 years of serving as our MP, it’s unspeakably humbling. I know all things in this life are temporary, but I’m so grateful.