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Bio Documenting and dissecting antisemitism and antisemitic conspiracy theories in the Gender Critical movement. Please submit screenshots in DM.
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Twitter for iPhone : This BBC Radio presenter compares a poster saying “anti-TERF” to a poster against Black people or Jewish people. Needless to say, being Black or Jewish are both very different than being transphobic, and transphobes are not a marginalized group.

Cc: GC Racism

Twitter Web App : For those paying attention to the 'Gender Critical' mob's position on Afghanistan, here's Mary Harrington promoting neo-fascist website IM-1776's celebration of the Taliban's anti-women brutality and the hyper-masculine neo-Nazi ideology of Costin Alamariu (Bronze Age Pervert) 🤢

Twitter for iPhone : It’s always telling what types reply to our posts using the exact same language as the people in the screenshots. This one self-describes as a “British Fascist” and has a fasces superimposed on the Union Jack in the profile picture.